It's All About Management

General Administration

Office Desk - Elevate Business Resurces.

Business calendar management – I can manage your appointments

Inbox Management – I will keep your client queries under control

Data entry and database management – I can keep your lists up to date

Spreadsheet management – I will keep those spreadsheets up to date

Budget management – I am a super duper budgeter.  So I will make sure you are on top of your budget

Writing and updating website – can keep your website updated with your requirements

Online research for your brand, business and competitors - I can manage all your research and make recommendations based on that

Project manage specific tasks – I am able to liaise and communicate with all levels.  Take the stress off you

Client and/or supplier management – I will manage those tasks for you

Sourcing of promotional gifts and giveaways – I aim to keep you top of mind with your clients

Sourcing and negotiating competitive quotes for a specific task – I am able to source competitive quotes