• Rae Bateman

5 Ways to Ease your Workload by Outsourcing

Is your To-Do list super long and you just don't have the time to do everything? But you don't really know what to outsource or how you can do it!

Here is a list of how to start:

1. Write down all your tasks - EVERYTHING. Administration, financial, social media, blog writing, website maintenance, marketing, sales, IT, project management.

2. Now write down how long it would take you to complete the task (either daily, weekly or monthly.

3. Now rate the task from an enjoyment perspective. Do you like to do it or not? If you don't then consider outsourcing it.

4. Make a note of who is currently assigned to the task.

5. Now highlight the Top 3 of your tasks - making sure they have the least enjoyment and take you the longest time. These are the jobs you should outsource.

But you do need to think about your processes as you want the outsourced task to be done in your brand voice. So you will need to think about this. Maybe you could train your virtual assistant and ask them to write the process for you.

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